Video Content

Reach an audience already searching for the product you offer.

Video Content

Are you constantly wondering if Video is in your future? Well in short the answer is yes, video is here and here to stay. The stat shows that over 54% of consumers actually want to see more Video Content from a Brand or Business they support. It also shows that video can generate 66% more qualified leads per year. Now the real question is, do you have enough resources tom create video campaigns and are you partnered with the correct Agency to make these happen?
In fact here at Green Moon Media, we have partnered with for the past 3 years, JL Video out of Tampa, FL. Why you ask? Just watch and see…..

One of the main questions we get when onboarding is how much should we spend on video marketing? This answer is actually quite simple to explain, and we do so use the old Bucket Model.
Let’s start by looking at your annual revenue being around 2 Million Dollars or the Large Bucket. Typically, a full Marketing Budget would be set on about 10% represented by this smaller bucket or $200,000 annually. Now from this smaller bucket we break down about 50% of that will go towards Digital Marketing will consume about half of that bucket being around $100,000. This includes Paid Ads, Social Media Management, Brand Awareness Campaign’s etc. Finally, we And finally, video production and video marketing fits in that little cup, represented by this shot glass, or $60,000-$90,000. So, in other words, video production and video marketing ought to be approximately 2-3% of your annual revenue to be a thriving company in 2020.